PicoLog not recording correct data

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PicoLog not recording correct data

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Hi there

I'm using a Pico ADC-11 logger to record a number of channels from a dynamometer, such as load and position. As the motor rotates at a maximum speed of 197rpm, I'm looking to record data over just one revolution, which takes around 0.3 seconds. Using Real Time Continuous recording I get accurate results, but at a sampling rate that is too slow for the application. In order to gain a greater number of results I have tried using Fast Block recording, but whatever I set the recording time or number of samples to, I get what appear to be corrupt results where the time and voltages go way out of range. Is this a common problem, or do I have some settings wrong?

Please find an example of the data attached, the highlighted section is the correct data, and the data below it is causing the problem.


Problem Example.doc
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