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by Tobi
Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:27 am
Forum: LabVIEW
Topic: Problem creating an application (exe)
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Problem creating an application (exe)

Hello, I am using a PicoScope 2204A and its SDK (Jul 11 2017, 32-bit). In my Labview project I use the example If I want to create an exe now, I get the error message : Error copying files. Source: ..\..\..\Program Files (x86)\Pico Technology\SDK\lib\ps2000Wrap.dll Dest...
by Tobi
Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:31 pm
Forum: LabVIEW
Topic: PicoScope 2204A Advanced Trigger
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PicoScope 2204A Advanced Trigger

Hello! I have a PicoScope 2204A and need a trigger with hysteresis in LabVIEW. In the programming manual I found the function ps2000SetAdvTriggerChannelProperties , which provides the functionality via the structure PS2000_TRIGGER_CHANNEL_PROPERTIES . Unfortunately there is no programming example on...