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Picotech TC-08 on "National Instruments Linux RT"

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Picotech TC-08 on "National Instruments Linux RT"

Postby ebakeman » Sat Nov 05, 2016 1:01 pm

My employer poses a problem for me: to use Picotech TC-08 on "National Instruments Linux Real-Time" OS.
He believes NI Linux RT will become a very popular embedded platform.

I did successfully install the "libusbtc08" driver for Ubuntu Linux, and run the test script to recognize the device.
But I do not find a "libusbtc08" driver in the OPKG Package Manager which is used by NI Linux RT.

So: has anyone been able to use Picotech TC-08 on NI Linux RT? Or can detail the path to build a driver for it?
Unfortunately I have only a few days to solve this problem, or else we must replace the TC08 with similar National Instruments devices in our designs.
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Re: Picotech TC-08 on "National Instruments Linux RT"

Postby Martyn » Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:48 pm

As this is the first request to support this flavour of Real Time Linux, the demand is not sufficient for us. We do not provide the source code to allow third parties to build their own drivers, so you will have to look at the other hardware options you have mentioned.
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