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Re: PicoScope 6.11.6 Beta for MacOSX

Postby gtt » Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:46 pm

Hi, I have the datalogger 1216 with 16 channels, I have found on picoscope6 (using the mac) I can only view 8 at a time and I need to view 10 (as well as displaying their averages via the measurement button for all 10 channels).
I downloaded it on a different computer with windows for comparison, and to show more channels you add a second scope view then right click on each of them in turn to indicate which channels you want to view on each of the scope views.
However, on the mac it is not allowing me to right click.

Does anyone know how I can view more than 8 channels?

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Re: PicoScope 6.11.6 Beta for MacOSX

Postby Roland » Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:14 am

Hi there, you struggling SW-developers.

It's been a while since the latest Beta release of PS, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next.
Of course I'd rather see an officially released product but a newer Beta with fewer bugs and more functionality is still a lot better than nothing.

I do use 6.11 frequently and although it has its drawbacks I manage to get some work done. I'm dreaming of running PS on Mac with all the bells and whistles that's already available for PC-users before I'm to old to enjoy it. I'm already an old man u c ;-)

Please don't let me down,
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Re: PicoScope 6.11.6 Beta for MacOSX

Postby Hitesh » Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:23 am

Hi Roland,

Our team of Software Engineers is still growing and the aim is to achieve feature parity with the Windows version for both Linux and Mac OS X platforms. There should be another Beta version at some point, although I am unable to advise on any timescales at the present moment.

If you encounter any issues with the current version, please post in this forum area or e-mail support@picotech.com and we'll be happy to investigate and report any issues to our colleagues in the Development Team.


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