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Introduction & PicoLog internal alarm signals

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Introduction & PicoLog internal alarm signals

Postby Glovisol » Sat May 11, 2013 7:16 pm

My name is Gianni. I have been working with PicoLog 1012 since 2 years for data logging and I found this unit plus PicoLog software a most satisfactory investment, providing professional, reliable and stable performance in the Windows XP environment.

I have been using the 1012 in a project where temperature data was collected from a special electrolyte cell whose temperature was closely monitored and regulated by an ON-OFF analogue hardware servo loop. I have now realised that the temperature regulation function can also be implemented with the alarm functions of the 1012 and of the PicoLog software.

Unfortunately I also have to accurately measure the ON-OFF time durations of the servo loop. With the hardware servo loop the time measure funcion was carried out by a software cronometer also running in Windows XP, where start/stop and read commands were brougt in through the serial interface.

I now need to interconnect the PicoLog generated alarm to the chronometer by software, but I do not see any provisions in the PicoLog software for doing this.....am I missing something?
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Re: Introduction & PicoLog internal alarm signals

Postby Hitesh » Mon May 13, 2013 4:22 pm

Hi Glovisol,

The PicoLog software will only allow the digital output to be activated on an alarm condition rather than sending out a command.

If you are writing your own software application you may be able to send a command of your own to your chronometer.

In PicoScope 6, the Alarm condition could be used with a trigger to run an exectuable (as well as activating the digital output).

I hope this helps.

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