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adc11 and magnetometer input

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adc11 and magnetometer input

Postby ducksface » Sun May 03, 2009 6:52 am

I orederd a adc11 usb 2.5 years ago and am just now getting to the project. I want it to read magnetometer information and ideally NMEA output from a gps unit. I hope I can at least synchronize the time of day and put both sets of information into a spread sheet.
My output from the sidescan sonar will give me gps, depth of water, temp, heading, and desity of the bottom, contour of the bottom, but the magnetometer info has to come from a seperate source, thus my need for the adc11.

Any help/input/regards? I'm a scuba diver searching for underwater ghost towns along the Colorado river and I haven't worked on eletronic things since 8080's and ring counters. I can build you a nand gate from stuff in my sock drawer, but nothing in the 100 years or so.... :oops:
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Re: adc11 and magnetometer input

Postby ALF » Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:26 am

Hi. I have been connecting my "magnetometers" to ADC11/12 and Dr Daq for some time now. Mine are just Honeywell SS490 Ratiometeric linear hall effect chips, if I just want to know NSEW then use the output with a potential divider ro get the right voltage, I use the USB 5v as supply. For more sensitivity I use TLC082 Op amp as a buffer DC Amp usually with a gain of about 80 so with rule of thumb you get about 100mV a Gauss, if that would work for you. I have gone for higher gain but the Amps become unstable using veroboard :( Obviously there are alot more sensitive devices out there but these are what i had in my parts bin.

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