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Which product is right for your exact requirements

Post by Guest » Tue Oct 07, 2003 3:29 pm

markspencer wrote:Hi,

We provide details of and examples that the ADC-216 has been used for is testing audio equipment.
I've read this stuff ad nauseum over the course of the last two weeks. As far as I can tell [and, since you haven't refuted me, I'm beginning to feel that this must be the truth], the assertion that the ADC-216 can achieve 333K samples per second is an UTTER AND COMPLETE LIE.

An honest person [in there such a thing in sales and marketing?] would say that "the ADC-216 can, for very short durations, achieve a rate of sampling that would, were it extrapolated to a full second, be the equivalent of 333K samples per second, but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER can the ADC-216 ever achieve 333K samples of anything, because its sampling buffer is simply too small by a factor of more than 10."

Now is that statement accurate?

And again, just what pieces of music benefit from being sampled 44.1K times per second at 16bit granularity for a mere three quarters of a second? The Eroica Symphony? The Sixty Second Waltz? The Snoop Dogg standard, For All My Niggaz & Bitches? Mildred J. Hill and Patty Smith Hill's classic Happy Birthday to You? Can you even speak the word "Happy" in three quarters of a second?

Please, clue me in here. We'd love to use your product, but we've just about come to the conclusion that you people should be prosecuted for fraud.

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Post by markspencer » Wed Oct 08, 2003 7:59 am


I am sorry that you feel like that. The specifications state that the unit can collectt 32000 samples at a rate of 333,000 samples per second.

We have not stated any inaccuracys or exagerations on what our product does.

Kindest regards,

Mark Spencer

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