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Rapid Block Mode in Ubuntu 16.04: setting up BlockReady

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Rapid Block Mode in Ubuntu 16.04: setting up BlockReady

Postby Lars2 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:00 pm


I am encoutering some problems using the RapidBlockMode of the PicoScope 6402C in Ubuntu 16.04. The driver version is PS6000 Linux Driver, and I updated and installed all files from your Debian repository. In my setup, the function calls are done with a wrapper in Python 3.5.

When trying to set the callback function BlockReady, I receive the following error message:
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`AttributeError: /opt/picoscope/lib/libps6000.so.2: undefined symbol: ps6000BlockReady`

So my questions would be: is the function call currently supported by the library you deliver and if so, how would I use it correctly? Any help as well as code examples are very much appreciated.

Edit: when listing the functions of the shared library by running
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nm -Dlibps6000.so.2.0.0
, the function ps6000BlockReady does not show up. From my understanding, without this callback function, the RapidBlockMode is not applicable. Is there any way to use it with other means?

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Re: Rapid Block Mode in Ubuntu 16.04: setting up BlockReady

Postby Martyn » Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:34 pm

It will not show up, the ps6000BlockReady callback function is part of your application. You register it with the PicoScope 6000 Series driver using ps6000RunBlock, and the driver calls it back when block- mode data is ready. You can then download the data using the ps6000GetValues function.
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