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Not (yet)possible to install on my Linux O.S.

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Re: Not (yet)possible to install on my Linux O.S.

Postby lassale » Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:35 pm

Martyn wrote:The only non Pico package is our packaged version of Mono, PicoMono, as we were finding different versions of Mono would break our software.


I'm a new PicoScope owner and also a user of PCLinuxOS.

The method described above to install the picoscope software (with the Yum trick) did not quite work for me (because the picoscope package itself is in the noarch tree, which is not found by apt-get). However, downloading and installing the packages manually did work and leads to a fully functional picoscope application. :D

I also found out that PCLinuxOS' mono package could run picoscope and that picomono is therefore useless for this Linux distribution. Problem: (force)-uninstalling picomono breaks the rpm dependencies for picoscope and synaptic complains about it, insisting on "fixing" it (basically, by uninstalling picoscope).

So, I produced a fake rpm package which deprecates picomono (and depends on PCLinuxOS' mono package gtk-sharp2, so to be sure the proper mono installation is available to picoscope). Here is the fake-picomono-deps.spec file I made to build such a package:

Code: Select all
Name: fake-picomono-deps
Version: 1.0
Release: %mkrel 1
License: GPL
Group: System
Prefix: /usr
Buildroot: /tmp/%{name}.buildroot
Buildarch: noarch
Provides: picomono = 2.99
Obsoletes: picomono
Requires: gtk-sharp2

Summary: Fake dependencies for picoscope.

Provides fake dependencies for picoscope using PCLinuxOS' Mono packages.

echo Nothing to do for prep stage

echo Nothing to do for build stage

mkdir -p %buildroot/%{_datadir}
touch %buildroot/%{_datadir}/fake-picomono-deps.installed

rm -rf %buildroot


Simply make sure gtk-sharp2 is installed on your system (via synaptic), build the fake-picomono-deps package (rpmbuild -bb SPEC/fake-picomono-deps.spec) and install it manually with 'rpm -Uvh RPMS/noarch/fake-picomono-deps-1.0-1pclos2016.noarch.rpm': it will automatically uninstall picomono (if already installed) and will provide the dependency picoscope needs.
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Re: Not (yet)possible to install on my Linux O.S.

Postby Martyn » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:06 am

Thanks for the info :)
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Re: Not (yet)possible to install on my Linux O.S.

Postby AnalogueMan » Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:27 am

Sorry for my late response, but for some mysterious reason I did not receive a response mail concerning this thread.
Thanks Iassale for your info. I try to "digest" what you wrote and will come back on it shortly.
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