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PLW file header

Postby phe » Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:57 am


I'm using a PicoLog recorder release 5.24.8.
I need to get acceess to records, so that I read the associated help file (release PLW033-1.7 15.2.07
In this file, there is paragraph which describes the PLW header:

UNS16 header_bytes; - la longueur, en octets, de cette en-tête
char signature [40]; «PicoLog for Windows»
UNS32 version;
UNS32 no_of_parameters; nb de paramètres enregistrés
UNS16 parameters [50];
UNS32 sample_no; idem no_of_samples, sauf en cas de défilement
UNS32 no_of_samples; nb d'échantillons déjà enregistrés
UNS32 max_samples;
UNS32 interval; intervalle d'échantillonnage
UNS16 interval_units; 0=fs (femtosecondes), 4=ms, 5=s, 6=mn, 7=h
UNS32 trigger_sample;
UNS16 triggered;
UNS32 first_sample;
UNS32 sample_bytes; longueur d'enregistrement de chaque échantillon
UNS32 settings_bytes; longueur du texte réglages (copie du fichier .pls)
UNS32 start_date;
UNS32 start_time;
INT32 minimum_time;
INT32 maximum_time;
char notes [200];
INT32 current_time;
UNS8 spare [78];

Thius header doesn't seems to match with the data I observe:
. "parameters" area seems to contain 250 parameters instead of 50,
. "notes" area seems to be an array of 1000 bytes instead of 200
. afetr the number of announciated record area ("no_of_samples"), I have some more record

Can someone confirm if the header in the documentation is correct or not ? If not, does someone know the real header structure ?

Best regards !
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Re: PLW file header

Postby Hitesh » Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:53 am

Hi phe,

Can I ask to the reason for reading the header? Are you looking to extract the data into your own application?

You may wish to refer to this thread.


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Re: PLW file header

Postby phe » Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:22 pm


Thank you for your answer. Yes, I need to extract data for my own application.
The thread you point out is a very good answer to my question.

Thank you very much !

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