matlab examples with picoscope 3405A

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Re: matlab examples with picoscope 3405A

Post by Hitesh » Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:54 pm

Hi Joe,

If you have installed the Instrument Driver files via the MATLAB Add-Ons Explorer, then please update the Instrument Driver files as a new property, displayOutput, has been added.

To suppress the output to the command window during data collection, please add the following to the MATLAB script after the connect code e.g.

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set(ps3000aDeviceObj, 'displayOutput', 0);
If you wish to wait until after the data has been retrieved before converting to millivolts then you will need to call the ps3000aSetDataBuffer() function to set a buffer for each channel/segment combination and ps3000aGetValuesBulk() function in order to retrieve the data instead of using the getRapidBlockData() function.

When installing the files on another PC, I would recommend the following:
Using the Add-Ons Explorer will add the files to the MATLAB path and you can then copy your scripts to the PC, running them from your preferred location.

I hope this helps,

Technical Support Engineer

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