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Pt100 2-wire not selctable

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Pt100 2-wire not selctable

Postby laser-axel » Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:37 am


I am trying to use a PT-104. The recorder software is 5.25.3. Operating System is windows 10.
I have a pt100-sensor in 2-wire wiring.
In the software I can only select 3- or 4-wire???
The option for 2-wire is simply not present.
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Re: Pt100 2-wire not selctable

Postby Gerry » Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:51 am

Hi laser-axel,

The latest version of PicoLog in English does have the 2-wire option, so there may be an issue, for instance, in the translation to alternative language versions. In the meantime, you could just use the 4-wire version, because you will be making the same connections anyway. (If you must use them, you can make the 2-wire pin connections, as suggested on Page 9 of the PT-104 Data Logger User guide here: https://www.picotech.com/download/manua ... 4.en-2.pdf.)

We don't generally recommend using 2-wire RTD sensors with the PT-104 because the length of the connector cable will affect the accuracy of the temperature readings that you will get.


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