PicoScope® 5000 Series

FlexRes® Oscilloscopes

High speed and high resolution. Breakthrough ADC technology switches from 8 to 16 bits in the same oscilloscope.

PicoScope 5000 Reviews

Industry Awards

Elektra 2018 Award Winner

Winner - Test & Measurement Product of the Year 2018 - Elektra
(PicoScope 5000D Series - Flexible resolution oscilloscope)

design vision awards logo

Winner -Test & Measurement - DesignVision Awards 2014
(PicoScope 5000 Series - Flexible resolution oscilloscope)

Nasa tech briefs logo 2013

Product of the year finalist 2013 - NASA Tech Briefs
(PicoScope 5000 Series - Flexible resolution oscilloscope)

Customer reviews

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Mike Valentine
PicoScope 5443D MSO

Steven Gardner from SDG Electronics uses a 5000 Series Scope and gives his opinion of it:


Mike Valentine
PicoScope 5444D MSO

Kiss Analog’s ‘PicoScope 5444 Box Opening - could be your last Oscilloscope’ video. It is a 4 channel 200 MHz MSO Oscilloscope.  It is a USB or computer based oscilloscope.


Gene Breniman
PicoScope 5444D MSO

I have had my 5444D MSO for almost two years now, and I could not be happier with this scope.  When it comes to debugging complex hardware/software interactions, this is one amazing instrument.  Between the extensive trigger choices, serial interface decoding and deep capture this is my go to scope (I own three other scopes).

My only complaint is that with 4 serial decoders running, the display update takes quite a while.  I was also a little disappointed in the serial decoder export function, as it only allows you to export a channel at a time, and then I need to manually merge the data to trace through the capture.  A merged mode, where all channels show in a single file would be a great addition.

Back to debugging!

Marc Van den Schoor
PicoScope 5244D

It’s was a very positive experience to get used to this scope after the many years I used standalone oscilloscopes.
You’ll love this oscilloscope as much as I do…

nigel springett
PicoScope 5444A

The scope is really good.  Having the variable resolution is super and price is good.  I purchased the scope for the maths channels being able to integrate, show frequency etc which is exceptional in this price class.  An extra bonus is the abilty to do FRA and measure components with the scope.  The software takes a lot of getting used to if you are used to a benchtop scope, however it gets better with every update.  The maximum samples is limited by many factors, including resolution, no channels and sample spped.  At full samples speed and 2 channel max samples is 12Mbit, with 4 channels this goes down to 6MB, far away from the theoetical maximum.  Another issue is Deskew can only be done by adding a maths channels which tends to slow down the software and clog up the screen.

Adrian McCallum
PicoScope 5243A

I purchased a 5243A specifically to receive radar returns for a bespoke ice penetrating radar system. I’d never used an oscilloscope before but the simplicity of the hardware and the supporting software and guidance allowed me to use it ‘in anger’ immediately in the field.

The portability and robustness of this unit allowed me to ‘hump it in’ over a period of days up to a remote glacier before extended field use. It performed flawlessly in harsh conditions on the glacier and I’m hungry for further opportunities to use this device.

Jon Deronde
PicoScope 5444B

Serial Decoding & AWG.
This scope is brill. I purchased the 5444B for field service work on serial machine tool encoders. It captured the serial request signal and after returning to workshop. I could use the AWG function with an adaptor interface (using differential line drivers) to make the encoder reply and then use the serial decoding to test the results. I would recommend this model to any field service engineer.

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