PicoScope® 4262

16-bit high-resolution oscilloscope

PicoScope 4262 16-bit oscilloscope reviews

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Erric R. moulaert
PicoScope 4262

Excellent and easy to use product.
With a better ergonomy of the oscilloscope screen I would have given a 5 stars to that product

Grouas Emmanuel
PicoScope 4262

Picoscope for audiotests.

One year ago I needed a device to test an LF amplifiers (SNR, THD spectrum, IMD). I first tried sound cards with PC-scope software but none of them worked properly. I ended up buying a Picoscope 4262.
The software is easy to install, all settings are chosen through drop-down menus. The key point to get accurate results is to check all parameters before any measurement ; a good help for that are video tutorials realized by Pico technicians available on Youtube.
Since I’ve been using it, I only faced on problem. Three days after posting it on the support section of the Picotech website, a technician gave me the answer I needed.
I only have one drawback to mention : the internal generator’s amplitude is only adjustable by 1 volt step. Unfortunately, the pro-audio level is 1,228Vrms.
To conclude, the 4262 is really a good device, with a wide range of possible measures, easy to use and definitely reliable. In addition the online support is fast and friendly.
I definitely recommend buying a Picoscope 4262!!

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