PicoScope 4000A Series

High-resolution deep-memory oscilloscopes

PicoScope 4000 series oscilloscope reviews

Industry Awards

EMA Award

At the 7th edition of Virtual EM Industry Awards 2021 by Electronics Maker, PicoScope 4000 series won the award for "Oscilloscope Product of The Year"!

Customer reviews

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Marc Dekenah
PicoScope 4824

4824 knocks spots off most PQ recorders.
Long term power quality recordings are one thing, and handled well by most PQ recorders, but damaging transients often remain undetected as result of the poor input performance of even some eye-watering expensive PQ kit. The 4824 is able to detect these transients; this proved while locating the reason for data centres going down, crashing robotic arms, etc. Having 8 channels means all voltages and currents are simultaneously captured. This is now my diagnostic instrument of choice, often paired with a 5442B when a few extra channels are needed.

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