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PicoScope 3206D MSO

I have just received the 3206 MSO as an upgrade to my 2000 series 25M bandwidth unit. So early days yet.

I very much appreciate that the tails of the digital inputs are clearly marked with the digital channel. That saves sorting spaghetti. So I’m going to ask for the lilly to be gilded. Instead of having the channel mark on one face could it be on two opposing faces - that way one mark is likely to be readily visible.

Lelton Woodham
PicoScope 3406B

I’m using the 3406B and am extremely pleased with this scope. I love the fact that it can be powered from USB ports so that makes it perfect for us.  We do a lot of data capture out in the field and the 3406B has performed flawlessly.  What I love best though is the ability to save screens as animated gifs. That allows upper management to see exactly what we see and aids in design reviews tremendously.

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