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Kevin VanSlooten
PicoScope 2105

Used one at a friends and loved it tring to get a pico for myself now.
Nice to see tools making changes to fit in the tool box better.

Andrew Ainger
PicoScope 2104

What is says on the tin!
Excellent! I have just received the picoscope 2104 and its up an running in less than 5 mins. Straight out of the box too. Have performed quick time domain and frequence domain tests on a home made signal source and seeing the wave forms has opened my eyes to what is really happening - Great, many thanks. Andrew G1ZYJ

Brian Edmundson
PicoScope 2104

Small Scope - BIG performance.
Since I received the Picoscope 2104 I have used it almost every day.  It is so convenient to look at signal paths etc and the ability to capture one off events is stunning.

How have I managed for so long without one !!

Anthony Southee
PicoScope 2104

It is so easy to use compared to an analogue oscilloscope and does so much more!! plus amazing value for money

Louis-Philippe Laperriere
PicoScope 2104

Excellent product.
Easy to use and very accurate. Great for the student or hobbyist.

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