PicoScope 2104 & 2105

Handheld oscilloscopes

Handheld oscilloscopes

Single channel picoscope
  • Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand
  • Up to 25 MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 100 MS/s real-time sample rate
  • Up to 2 GS/s repetitive signal sample rate
  • Up to 24,000 sample buffer memory
  • Multifunction button (start/stop/autoset)
  • Illuminated probe tip
  • Connected and powered by USB
  • 5 year warranty

Power and performance in your hand

PicoScope handheld oscilloscopes convert your laptop or desktop PC into a powerful oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer without the need for additional probes or power supplies.  Keep one in your laptop bag or toolkit so you always have a scope to hand when you need it.

The PicoScope 2105 has a 100 megasample per second real-time sampling rate. For repetitive signals the sampling rate can be increased to 2 gigasamples per second using digital equivalent-time sampling. These high sampling rates combined with a 24,000 sample buffer memory and 25 MHz analog bandwidth make the PicoScope 2105 suitable for a wide range of troubleshooting tasks on both analog and digital circuits. The entry-level PicoScope 2104 is also available for use in less demanding applications.

Using a PicoScope 2105

“Whether you’re ham-fisted or have the fingers of a surgeon, PicoScope handheld oscilloscopes are comfortable to hold and elegantly simple.” — eeProductCenter

“Easy to use” just got easier

Using your PicoScope handheld oscilloscope could not be easier: plug-and-play technology allows you to simply plug the oscilloscope into a USB port and start using it straight away. No need for power supplies, additional oscilloscope probes or complex installation procedures.

Designed for single-handed operation, the oscilloscope can be controlled using a button located on the top of the scope. Press the button to start the oscilloscope; the button will flash green to indicate the scope is running. A beam of light will illuminate the tip of the scope so you can clearly see the area being probed. Once you’ve captured your signal, press the button again. The button will glow red to indicate the scope has stopped.

To make your oscilloscope even easier to use you can activate PicoScope’s powerful autosetup function by simply holding down the button. The autosetup function will automatically set up the timebase and trigger level to display the signal that PicoScope finds on the scope’s input.