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PicoScope 2204A

So.. I was upgrading a Velleman HSP10 which was £70. I plumped for the 2204A, £99 from RS. Minor point is that it included 2 probes. I expected it without probes -so bonus. Also as Linux user I expected to have to run a Windows VM to have it work, then maybe later find/develop some rudimentary software. I was impressed. Picoscope produce their own Linux software and support it from their own repository. The software is very stable, has loads of features and worked right from the get-go. So definitely worth the 5 stars.

Quinton Reissamann
PicoScope 2205A

As a high school science teacher, I am perhaps not the most demanding user. My PicoScope 2205A was bought initially to be able to project an oscilloscope screen. The data logging capability is also a big plus in a school. It fulfills all my teaching needs amply. In addition I do a fair amount of precision measurement, and the ability to define specially calibrated probes is appreciated. The software on the whole is very well thought out. I am also a Linux user. No other DSO has as good Linux support. Most have a primitive scope, or nothing at all. However, the lack of basic math functions under Linux is a shame. Similarly, custom probes under Linux would be a big plus.
As far as the actual hardware goes, the DSO works great. It is small and light and does not expose any glitches. The more I play with it, the more impressed I am with its capabilities. No surprises. everything works as promised and within specifications.

My gripe is with the AWG. While it is supposed to work up to 100kHz, it is not very useful above about 10 kHz as it has a nasty jitter above this frequency, especially when using square waves. I generally end up using my old analogue signal generator instead. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this? This is the only reason for rating at 4 stars.

Dave Wallis
PicoScope 2204A

Brilliant replacement for old Gould ‘industry standard’ analogue scope. Software pretty intuitive and I’ve almost certainly not found it all yet. It also turns a laptop whose performance was becoming a little slow into a useful piece of kit whilst not taking up function on the working laptop.
Only slight gripe being that the mouse driven settings are much less convenient than the classic knobs and switches on the analogue scope. Maybe somebody could come up with an after-market USB ‘extra’ to give these facilities.

Roy Jones
PicoScope 2204A

Wow more than I expected!!. I reluctantly decided to give up the old bench top oscilliscope and what a surprise. I purchased a 2204a and it is a great piece of equipment along with the software which is very easy to use.

Daniel McBrearty
PicoScope 2204A

I am a bit old school and use an old analogue scope for 98% of what I do - but occasionally I have a need for something like a storage scope. Picoscope fills that need for me very well.  Plus, this morning I was about to buy a cheap logger for doing some research on battery discharge curves - then I found that I can use the pico as a logger too. Great value product!

Janne Pohjala
PicoScope 2204A

Love the 2204A and how Pico Scope listen their customers, even when they have bought the entry level product.

I chose 2204A to put together a ultra mobile scope consisting of 8” Dell venue Pro Windows Tablet and scope to provide wireless analysis tool with a 4-5 hour running time and fitting into to your jacket pocket. Excellent for my electronics, amplifier repair and automotive analysis uses.

Hardware is robust and solid piece of engineering and “battle ready quality”. Software is best you can get, offering many advanced features at entry level cost.

Pico Scope listen their customers. For me it is magnificent that Pico Scope 6 Beta software is now optimized for touch screen as I’m using a tablet. Great work Pico!

Highly recommended product and great value, two probes and scope for 180€ is an ultimate offering what quality of hardware and software is excellent!

Pic of my ultra-mobile scope and greetings from Finland:


Chiel Voswijk
PicoScope 2204A

I needed a scope as a Student/Hobbyist looking to get serious with my personal projects, but had a limited budget. A Benchtop would have been a bit cumbersome and expensive so i went for a picoscope 2204a

The scope itself is exactly what is advertised, it does what it needs to do within the specifications. Can’t ask for more. The included AWG is great little extra.

The software is the real star tough. Ive never expected such a amount of features for a entry-model scope. Advanced triggers, Spectrum analysis, persistance mode, Able to add custom math channels and a arsenal of measurements make the scope outshine most entry level benchtops. you can view much more information on your computer much faster then you ever could with the small display on a benchtop.

In overall the picoscope is simply great. Every bit from the scope to the software and the support shows care and passion. Considering how satisfied i am when the time comes to get a faster scope i would probably go for a picoscope again!

Raul Trifan
PicoScope 2204A

Not many USB scopes works on Win & Mac & Linux too, so that proves me that guys from Pico really cares about us, customers. This made my decision much easier when I was looking to buy an USB scope.
For its price, the 2204A scope does the job pretty well, has a low noise input stage (I measured around 200uV RMS with included probes) and the software is quite great too.
Pros: small and portable, decent probes, low noise input stage, great software that works on most operating systems.
Cons: no USB isolator, internal memory could be bigger.

Md. Kamrul Hussain
PicoScope 2204A

it’s a handy tool for those who need a “scope” anywhere anytime. Its small enough to fit in your pocket but strong enough to provide a bench-top performance and smart enough to give you flexible operations. In a single word, it is just a ‘perfect’ entry level PC based Oscilloscope.

Niels Larsen
PicoScope 2204A

It is a great scope. I had a weird problem - it did not work on one of my PC’s. Customer service gave me first class service. We isolated the problem to “me not using the supplied USB Cable”. It turns out, that a USB Cable is not just a USB cable.

So when the manual tell you to use the one delivered - that is the smart thing to do.

If I could give 6 stars for customer service - I would do so.

PicoScope 2204A

The addition of an AWG is very useful and now I don’t have to use a seperate signal generator unless I want an isolated signal (I assume the ground is common across chan A/B & AWG).
The software is fairly universal across all ranges which makes even the ‘lowest’ scope in their range a very powerful tool.
Being able to use the datalogger with this is also a bonus - I can log slow data without needing a different device (for example, testing a battery charge / discharge cycle).

My only irk is that many ‘buttons’ do not appear to have equvalent drop-down menu items. Most software I’ve used has every setting or configurable item under a menu option somewhere, even if they are inactive. This is especially important for options that are rarely used - it allows me to ‘search’ for what I need by working through the drop down menus. It also means I can just use the keyboard, which can be easier and quicker than the mouse. If you’re in a tight spot ballancing a laptop on one knee while tring to hold a probe on a wire, moving a mouse just gets impractical. For example, probe settings are only under the probe icon - there is no menu item for this. Likewise for the AWG: have to use the icon.
But, all-in-all a brilliant piece of kit and highly recommended for all workshops.

PicoScope 2204A

Nice O’scope.
Just powered this up. Install is easy and the interface is pretty intuitive. I really like the AWG. Lots of power compared to a regular scope. For a first pass, everything works and I’m impressed with the form factor. Will review again in a month.

Joonas P
PicoScope 2204A

I purchased the most inexpensive 2-channel scope for electronics debugging and in a few weeks it has made a huge difference in my hobby. Robust design, good features and amazing software. You definitely get your money’s worth and then some. And it even understands I2C and other serial protocols!

Roly Runciman
PicoScope 2205A

I was faced with a huge overweight bill to take my R&S Scope with me to Papua New Guinea recently. (16Kg being the limit and I had other gear to take as well)
So it was a no brainer to buy a Picoscope and pack it in with my carry on laptop.
It performed perfectly in the heat of the Highlands near Wewak, Papua New Guinea.  I would highly recommend this product for Engineers who have to travel and are faced with the problem of excess luggage !!
“Pack a Pico” and your problems are over.

Jim Clarke
PicoScope 2204A

2204A Remarkable bang for the buck.

This instrument is a goldmine.You buy an oscilloscope but you get somewhat more.

What arrives is a well made little box with good quality probes. In a few minutes you will be up and running using a very intuitive interface. Its scope functions are exactly what you would expect.

The range of triggering options does not normally come with an instrument of this price. What a dream! And they work beautifully.

There is an option to view a spectrum analyser at the same time as the scope and a very handy zoom function all of which enable a “wide angle view” of the signal. There is also raft of real time measurements.

All the set ups and wave forms can be saved and reloaded. Great for any intended use.

The maths channels provide a mass of nestable functions, including filters. Besides other uses, this is a wonderful educational tool which has allowed me to build a lock in amplifier (phase sensitive detector) into the oscilloscope in a few minutes.

There is even a wave form generator to serve as a reference for the lock in.

Although this model does not have the white noise or pseudo random bit function it does have an arbitrary waveform generator, should you want to play in the spread spectrum field.

Another enormous bonus is the serial signal analyser. You could of course decode a captured trace by hand, but this package really adds another layer of value by capturing for example only signals sent to a particular address.

If all this were not enough for 10 stars, the icing on the cake is the Picotech technical service. You are connected fast and its not a premium line. Their engineers are interested and knowledgeable.  They simulate your issue locally, in real time and they follow up.

.........and then there are free software/ firmware upgrades and a 5 year guarantee.

Michael Soervin
PicoScope 2205A

As a first-time user to the the PicoScope 2205 my response after an hour or so to my colleaque was “It’s simply brilliant”.
Settings are easy, usability is easy, and the total experience was nice.
It is simply brilliant smile

Lui Gough
PicoScope 2205A

Great for the Hobbyist
A PicoScope 2205A was offered for an element14 RoadTest - my review is at www.element14.com/community/roadTestReviews/1725

Dave Lynam
PicoScope 2204A

Ease of Use.
I bought this ‘scope as a hobbyist having retired from engineering a few years ago but still building circuits for my DCC model railway and audio equipment. With the supplied software I was up and running within minutes of installation - it couldn’t be easier to use. The features are everything I could need at a price I can afford.

Pasquale Alba
PicoScope 2204A

A monster in a pocket
The Picoscope 2204 is by far the most affordable, reliable, professional and complete instrument in its category.
Moreover, as it is endowed with its waveform generator, is a complete workbench for most measuring tasks.

Alina Schoettner
PicoScope 2205A

Great Tool at your Fingertips.
For on-site checking and debugging, the 2205A is a great tool to have on my fingertips. It’s about that small than my phone (but somewhat more thick) and offers the permanent availability, that helps often to make the proper first decisions on-site based on accurate measurements without the need of moving the much bigger and expensive types of DSOs.

The 2205A gives me a solid base for almost every first on-site decision without the delay of checking with bigger DSOs at lab first.

Memory should be bigger/deeper!

Erik Braam
PicoScope 2204A

robust and great value.
I have used my 2204 for nearly 2 years now. It has been very robust and reliable. The ease of data collection, manipulation and export with Picoscope software make it a great value for my project.

Ray Lin
PicoScope 2204A

pretty good desktop osciliscope like, but ...
If I use Picoscope 2204 as an alternative solution of normal desktop osciliscope, it is a pretty good decision. If you want to do the measurement system integration, it is just like a DAQ or A/D. The value of Picoscope 2204 maybe rely on the software nearly 60%. Why the software could not integrate with our own program through COM, RPC, ... It should be more easy than a real GPIB or USB cable.

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