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Pico Technology: Probe positioning system



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The Probe Positioning System holds your PCB and up to eight probes securely in place while you work, making soldering, inspection and test simpler. 

The system is compatible with the P2056 500 MHz 10:1 passive probes (available in single and dual packs), and goes well with the PicoScope 6000E Series scopes. However, there's a selection of kits to choose from, with varying numbers of probes and probe holders included.

PQ215: Probe positioning kit, no probes
The ideal add-on to a PicoScope 6000E Series oscilloscope
PQ217: Probe positioning kit with 4 probes
Suitable for any oscilloscope with BNC connectors
PQ218: Pack of 4 probe holders
Four additional probe holders
PQ219: 8-channel probe positioning kit for PicoScope 6000E Series
Upgrade your PicoScope 6000E from four to eight probes, and add eight probe holders