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New Network Metrology Training board



Product news

Building on the popular PicoVNA 106 Vector Network Analyzer, the new PQ189 Network Metrology Training PCA is a printed circuit assembly that carries example lumped element, active and passive and transmission line DUTs and end-of-line SOLT calibration standards.

Providing students with real-world measurement challenges and experience, the Network Metrology Training PCA comes with a protective carry case and is available on its own or as part of a larger kit that includes adaptors, test leads and further calibration standards. Demonstrator kits containing calibration accessories are also available.

In partnership with AWR (a National Instruments company), we have also released a new AWR Interface Wizard, a plug-in interface for their market-leading Microwave Office software and the PicoVNA 106. The wizard allows you to transfer measurement data between your PicoVNA 106 and AWR Microwave Office, with a single click, for comparison with or use within simulation.