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Application: partial discharge testing


DIAEL is a Spanish company providing electrical insulation diagnosis, specializing in measuring and monitoring partial discharge from high voltage cables, with a range of products for electrical insulation in cable systems, power transformers, motors, switchgear and so on. This is in support of the 15NRM02 UHV European project developed within EURAMET.Their new MS Pico measuring system uses the PicoScope 5442D oscilloscope alongside BlueBOX sensors and filtering software to allow offline and online measurement and fault location in medium, high and ultra high-voltage systems.

The PicoScope 5000D allows the capture of high-speed transients with sampling rates of 1 GS/s with 8-bit resolution, and can be changed to measure slower signals with a resolution of up to 16 bits and more than 70 dB SFDR, which makes it ideal for the wide range of signals that must be captured with the MS Pico test system.

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