Oscilloscope reviews and teardowns (Legacy)

Here you will find a collection of videos that will show you how to get the most out of PicoScope Oscilloscope Software.

Whether you’re a novice PicoScope user, someone who just wants to find out more about PicoScope, or one of the legion of long-term PicoScope users, these free-to-watch videos will help increase your knowledge and understanding.

PicoScope 5000 Review (PS5000, PS5444B, 5444)

Full review. Check out playlist this video is in for more.

EEVblog #521 - Picoscope 5000 USB Oscilloscope Teardown

An impromptu teardown on the Emona stand at the Electronex trade show, of the Picoscope 5000 flexible resolution USB oscilloscope, with a small crowd of EEVblog viewers watching on.

Flexible Resolution with the PicoScope 5000

PicoScope 5000 FFT Example - 8/12/16 Bits

The effect of quantization error results in extra spikes in the frequency domain. The effect is worse with the typical 8-bit ADC you've got on a digital scope. See how switching input resolution changes this.

PicoScope 5000 Series 8/15 Bit Differential Mode Comparison

How useful is the ability to dynamically switch to higher resolutions? Pretty handy! I did a little test for a typical scenario, where you want to see a signal riding on top of some heavy common-mode noise.

PicoScope 5000 (5444) High Frequency Response - 10-400MHz

It's officially a 200MHz analog BW scope - but how high can we go? And what about if we enable ETS?

Selecting a Scope: Bandwidth & Bits

From Colin O'Flynn blog post . The script used for simulation is on GitHub.

PicoScope 2204A Review

See circuitcellar.com blog for full article, has links to all 4 parts!

PicoScope 6000 Review (PS6000, PS6403D, 6403)

Full review. Check out playlist this video is in for more.

PicoScope 6000 Probe Review (TA150/TA133)

The PicoScope 6000 is using a nice spring-loaded tip probe. It has the 'usual' grabber on it, but is now making life far far easier when you are just probing circuits on the PCB. Here I'm breaking through soldermask to probe into vias directly.

PicoScope 6000 (6403D) High Frequency Response - 10-1000MHz

From the Colin O'Flynn blog. Going from 10 to 1000 MHz with PicoScope 6403D, which has a 350MHz analog BW.

PicoScope 6000 Triggering Example & ETS

Part of the Colin O'Flynn review of the PicoScope 6000.

PicoScope 6000 - Equivalent Time Sampling 50 GS/s Phase Shift Demo

What good is 50 GS/s if you've only got 350 MHz of Bandwidth? While you can still do all sorts of high-precision phase measurements! Very cool. Part of the Colin O'Flynn review of the PicoScope 6000.

PicoScope 6 Software - Quick Overview using Demo Instrument

I've just use the demo instrument, in case you want to check out the software. Part of the Colin O'Flynn review of the PicoScope 6000.

Frequency response measurement using Saelig's PicoScope 4262.

PS4262's built-in sweep generator can be used for frequency reponse measurement.

Picoscope Channel Setup

How to setup the different channels of the Picoscope.

PicoScope 6 Introduction part 1

Introduction to PicoScope. Brought to you by Autonerdz. Part 1

Using a PicoScope with your iPhone / iPod touch.

This video shows how you can use a PicoScope 2xxx series USB Oscilloscope with your iPhone or iPod touch. Ignore the message about 'not yet approved' at the start of the video - this app is now available from the app store.

The DrDaq Experiments

Drawing on a Etch-A-Sketch using a PC and a DrDaq data logger. One of our Development Engineers created this in his downtime! The DrDAQ is a low--cost data logger that simply plugs into the USB port of any Windows PC.