Here you will find a collection of videos that will show you how to get the most out of PicoScope Oscilloscope Software.

Whether you’re a novice PicoScope user, someone who just wants to find out more about PicoScope, or one of the legion of long-term PicoScope users, these free-to-watch videos will help increase your knowledge and understanding.

Overview of PicoScope 7 - PicoBYTE #1

In our pilot episode of PicoByte, we’ll be giving you and overview of our PicoScope 7 software. Give yourself a head-start and discover all the built-in tools here.

PicoScope 7 Trigger Modes & Trigger Types - PicoBYTE #2

This month’s PicoBYTE top-tip takes you through the vast selection of Trigger Types and Trigger Modes in PicoScope 7 Early Access. In this episode we’ll be giving you a quick overview of each function and providing an example application to help you optimise your trigger techniques.

Debugging I2C using a PicoScope - PicoBYTE #3

In the third installment of PicoBYTE, your Pico pro-top-tip, we go through the history, applications, and a couple of examples of the I2C protocol. The episode also features some issues you may run into when debugging or building an I2C interface and how you can spot these errors with your PicoScope device

Passive Probe Theory and Calibration – PicoBYTE #4

Episode 4 of our PicoBYTE series takes you through everything you need to know when buying and using a passive probe with your PicoScope. We’ll run through what you get, how it works and how to get the most accurate measurements out of your probe.