PC oscilloscope advanced features

Here you will find a collection of videos that will show you how to get the most out of PicoScope Oscilloscope Software.

Whether you’re a novice PicoScope user, someone who just wants to find out more about PicoScope, or one of the legion of long-term PicoScope users, these free-to-watch videos will help increase your knowledge and understanding.

Pulse responses of PicoConnect 900 Series probes

A demonstration showing the clean pulse responses of the PicoConnect 900 Series RF and microwave passive test probes.

Introduction to the PicoVNA 106 vector network analyzer

Pico Technology introduces its new 6 GHz vector network analyzer. Our RF and microwave expert Mark Ashcroft talks you through some of the features and highlights of our latest product.

PicoScope DeepMeasure

Alex Dunn, Senior Software Development Engineer, introduces PicoScope's new DeepMeasure search and analysis tool. It can make 10 million measurements on a single waveform capture, and can export data for advanced analysis in Mathworks MATLAB, Microsoft Excel and other applications. Find out more on DeepMeasure.

Mask Limit Testing in PicoScope 6

This screencast shows how mask limit testing in PicoScope can be used to detect glitches. More information on our PicoScope 9000 Series sampling oscilloscopes.

PicoScope 5000 Series flexible resolution oscilloscopes

Carl Bradbury explains how the features of the PicoScope 5000 Series set it apart from the competition.

Introduction to the PicoScope 4444

Carl Bradbury introduces the PicoScope 4444 High-resolution differential USB oscilloscope

ESC Boston 2017 Pico Technology Model 4444

Demonstration of the Pico Technology 4444, 4-channel differential oscilloscope at ESC Boston 2017, .

FFT Length - Size Matters in Scopes

Part of Colin O'Flynn's review of the PicoScope 6000

PicoScope 6 Serial Data Decoding

Part of Colin O'Flynn's review of the PicoScope 6000. Why do the hardware scopes charge so much for this?

PicoScope 6000 - Equivalent Time Sampling 50 GS/s Phase Shift Demo

What good is 50 GS/s if you've only got 350 MHz of Bandwidth? While you can still do all sorts of high-precision phase measurements! Very cool. Part of Colin O'Flynn's review of the PicoScope 6000.

Flexible Resolution with the PicoScope 5000

PicoScope 6 new features - Save as

PicoScope 6 new features

PicoScope 6 new features - Trigger tool bar

PicoScope 6 new features

PicoScope 6 new features - Signal generator (part A)

PicoScope 6 new features

PicoScope 6 new features - Signal Generator fixed frequency (part B)

PicoScope 6 new features

PicoScope 6 new features - Signal Generator sweep options (part C)

PicoScope 6 new features

PicoScope 6 new features - Signal Generator trigger (part D)

PicoScope 6 new features

PicoScope 6 new features - Streaming mode

PicoScope 6 new features

PicoScope 6 new features - Keyboard maps

PicoScope 6 new features

Latest features in PicoScope

Details of the new features available in our PicoScope 6.7 software. When the PicoScope 6 software is teamed with our high specification hardware we give you a complete test and measurement lab in one easy-to-use application. Download the full software as a demo version.

PicoScope Mixed Signal Oscilloscope -- Basic configuration of digital channels

This video gives is an introduction to setting up and using the new digital channels, serial decode and trigger conditions for the PicoScope 2205 MSO. 

PicoScope Mixed Signal Oscilloscope -- Acquiring both analog and digital time correlated signals

This video provides an example of how to use both analog scope and digital logic interfaces simultaneously to show I2C data that is used to control output level of a DAC. 

PicoScope Mixed Signal Oscilloscope -- Capturing multiple I2C Data events

This video shows how to use an oscilloscope to easily trigger and capture more than one packet of I2C for further investigation of multiple events. In this example we are using the PicoScope 2205 MSO.

PicoScope Mixed Signal Oscilloscope -- Decoding I2C Data in detail

This video goes into greater detail to explain how to customise the serial coding options and display in PicoScope to show exactly what you are looking for. 

PicoScope 6: Serial Decoding of CAN Bus Signals

In this video the differential CAN bus signals are acquired and decoded using the serial decode feature in PicoScope 6.

PicoScope 6: Serial Decoding of SPI Bus Signals

In this video the three--wire SPI bus signal is displayed and decoded using the serial decode feature in PicoScope 6. 

PicoScope 6: Serial Decoding of UART--RS232

This videos shows how to capture and display ASCII characters from an RS232 bus.

Latest Features in PicoScope Oscilloscope Software

This screencast showcases some of the new features available in PicoScope 6.6. 

PicoScope 6: Advanced Tools: Using Alarms

Continuing on from the mask test feature in PicoScope 6, this video shows how to use Alarms to stop on a mask failure.

PicoScope 6: Advanced Tools: Save on Trigger

This video demonstrates how to capture intermittent events using a combination of advanced triggers and the Save on Trigger feature which immediately saves the acquired waveform to your PC's disk without stopping acquisition.

PicoScope 6: Advanced Tools: Mask Limit Testing

Explore how to create masks to easily perform pass/fail testing. More information on our latest software features.

PicoScope 6: Making SNR and THD Measurements

A short video describing how to make THD and SNR measurements of a sine wave in spectrum mode in PicoScope 6.

PicoScope 6: Saving Waveforms as Animated GIFs

This brief video shows how a series of captured waveforms can be saved as an animated GIF file and viewed using a browser.

PicoScope 6: Making Rise Time Measurements

This video explores different methods of measuring rise times using PicoScope 6.

PicoScope 6: Spectrum Mode

In order to demonstrate FFT spectrum mode in PicoScope, the built--in AWG is used to generate a swept sine wave as the input. 

PicoScope 6: Using Resolution Enhancement

Improve the accuracy of your measurements by using scale, offset and resolution enhancement.

PicoScope 6: Using Deep Memory PicoScopes

Get the most out of your PicoScope's deep memory; demonstrating segmented memory, long single captures of up to 1 GSamples and Rapid Trigger mode.

PicoScope 6: Using and Defining Custom Probes

Learn how to define measurement units and axis scaling by adding custom probes.

PicoScope 6: Using the Logic Trigger

This video shows how to use logic triggering to acquire a specific 4--bit pattern using a four--channel PicoScope.

PicoScope 6: Advanced Trigger Modes

This video provides a walkthrough of the PicoScope 6 advanced triggering menu, using examples of runt pulses and pulse width triggers.

PicoScope 6: Persistence Acquisition Mode

A short video which demonstrates how to capture intermittent events using Persistence Mode in PicoScope 6.

PicoScope 6: Viewing Waveforms

This video explores the different ways of arranging and displaying waveforms in PicoScope 6. 

Pico Technology introduce new VNA check standard at EuMW 2018!

Pico Technology introduces two exciting new VNA check standards (Insertable M-F) and (Non-insertable F-F) to its RF portfolio. The VNA check standards can optionally be used to validate the accuracy of a network analysis test setup and its calibration before, during or after a sequence of measurements is made.

Pico Introduces the new PicoSource Agile Synthesizer at EuMW 2018!

The PicoSource AS108 is a compact, low-cost, PC-based, fast-settling signal source. It can deliver sinusoidal CW, swept and hopped parameters and basic AM, FM and ØM modulations in a carrier range of 300 kHz to 8 GHz.