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Measuring angular velocity


Figure 2 below shows the results that were obtained.


Figure 2: Results for measuring the propeller’s RPM

As can be seen from the results, the frequency shown by the PicoScope meter is 566 Hz, therefore the RPM of the propeller is: (566/2) * 60 = 16,980 RPM.

By using the graph to calculate the RPM it can be seen that the time taken for once complete cycle of the waveform is 1784 µs. Therefore, the frequency is 560 Hz — giving a propeller RPM of 16,800 rpm.

The slight difference between these two results shows the inherent difficulty in obtaining accurate results when making manual calculations directly from a waveform.

Credits, comments and further info

This experiment was written by S. T. Hasan of Karachi, Pakistan.

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  • I love using the 4423 automotive scope. It is a fantastic tool. 6 or even 8 channels would have been a dream. Keep-up the good work Pico THANK YOU.

    Carl Georgiou, Australia
  • A superb piece of equipment worth its weight in gold

    Nigel Clinch
  • So simple to use & beats any other I have ever used hands down.

    John D Samsing
  • Great functionality in a compact size. I really like moving the mouse pointer to a position and having the Time and Voltage display the values at that point. Calibration equipment is a breeze with that feature.

    Don Horein

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