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DrDAQ is a versatile instrument that connects to the USB port of any PC. Using the supplied PicoScope software it can be used as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and signal generator.

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Flickering lights: results

A filament lamp produced the following trace, with a frequency of 100 Hz.

Filament Lamp frequency

A computer monitor gave the following frequency using the meter function:

computer monitor frequency

The graphs below show how V (blue), I (purple) and P (yellow) vary with time.

Voltage, Current, Power

The key point is that the power is always a positive quantity, and varies sinusoidally with a frequency = 2 x frequency of the mains voltage.

Teachers’ notes

Care should be taken not to place the DrDAQ too close to a CRT TV screen as there is a possibility of damage due to a shock caused by the build-up of electrostatic charge on the screen.

The light-dependent resistor used as the sensor in this experiment does not respond rapidly to changes in light level, but it does produce a small change in resistance that can be used to record the change in light intensity.

Credits, comments and further info

Submitted By:

Peter Webber 
Exmouth Community College.
Devon UK

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  • The kit (2408B) is of obvious quality, easy to setup and calibrate and the free to download software has a reasonable learning curve. Superb kit, superb support, what more can I say.

    Rop Honnor
  • I have been using my 4224 PicoScope for years. I travel abroad so this has been ideal due to its physical size. Storage of waveforms on my Laptop is very easy allowing me to quickly email waveforms to my Colleagues.

  • Not many USB scopes works on Win & Mac & Linux too, so that proves me that guys from Pico really cares about us, customers. This made my decision much easier when I was looking to buy an USB scope.

    Raul Trifan
  • We have been using Picoscope 6404D for quite some time, and are amazed by its accuracy and powerful emulations while working with numerous signal evaluations.

    J Mohanty
  • PicoLog TC-08: This is a very nice unit that works consistently and reliably.

    Jeff Hulett
  • It is a great scope. I had a weird problem - it did not work on one of my PC’s. Customer service gave me first class service. If I could give 6 stars for customer service - I would do so.

    Niels Larsen
  • Perfect Partner for Development of Encoder controlled Stepper Motor Actuators. Since the included software is really stable, this type of device is a great tool for great tasks!

    Helmut Schoettner
  • A superb piece of equipment worth its weight in gold

    Nigel Clinch
  • So simple to use & beats any other I have ever used hands down.

    John D Samsing
  • Great functionality in a compact size. I really like moving the mouse pointer to a position and having the Time and Voltage display the values at that point. Calibration equipment is a breeze with that feature.

    Don Horein

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