PicoScope 5000D MSO with hi-res waveform in the background

Added support for PicoScope 5000D Series

The PicoScope 5000D Series is a range of FlexRes® oscilloscopes and mixed-signal oscilloscopes, launched on June 4th 2018.

Addition of DeepMeasure™

DeepMeasure™ displays the results of every waveform cycle captured with a PicoScope deep memory oscilloscope. That's sixteen waveform parameters for up to a million measurements on every capture.

Search - Quickly find the fastest rise time or longest pulse hidden in waveforms of up to 100 million samples and jump straight to the correct cycle.

Analyze - Export captured measurement results to gain insight using data manipulation and mathematical and statistical functions in tools such as MATLAB and Excel.

Hundred cycles waveform with DeepMeasure

DeepMeasure™ tabulates the results of every cycle

DeepMeasure delivers automatic measurements of important waveform parameters on up to a million waveform cycles with each triggered acquisition. Results can be easily sorted, analyzed and correlated with the waveform display.

The hatched area on the waveform shows two more important properties: cycle voltage threshold (the black horizontal line) and cycle voltage hysteresis (hatched area on each side of cycle threshold).

DeepMeasure results table showing maximum one million cycles

DeepMeasure results table showing maximum one million cycles.

Introducing DeepMeasure™ overlays

New DeepMeasure™ overlays on the waveform graph highlight the boundaries, defining signal level and index number of any cycle selected in the DeepMeasure™ data table, making it far easier to identify the cycle of interest.

Added Modbus serial decoder support

PicoScope 6.13.6 adds support for Modbus ASCII and RTU protocols. More information can be found in this technical article

DeepMeasure™ is compatible with PicoScope 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 Series deep memory instruments. For more information about DeepMeasure™, please read the full article.