4 channel differential oscilloscope

See the difference with the new PicoScope 4444

With four true differential channels, the PicoScope 4444 enables high-resolution measurements of differential voltage waveforms. This oscilloscope eradicates the problem of making accurate voltage waveform measurements on circuit elements that are not ground-referenced, without the risk of short circuits that could damage the device under test or the measuring instrument.

  • 4 channels
  • 20 MHz bandwidth
  • Flexible 12-bit or 14-bit resolution
  • Up to 400 MS/s sampling rate
  • 256 MS capture memory
  • High common-mode rejection ratio
  • Balanced high-impedance inputs for a low circuit load

From just £899


PicoScope 6.13.11 release

PicoScope 6.13.11 introduces the following new feature:

  • Adds support for new 2000 A AC flex current probe for PicoScope 4444

Details of the 2000 A AC flex current probe with D9 connector