8-channel high resolution oscilloscope

Analyze 3-phase power systems, vibration, multiple serial buses, and more

PicoScope 4824 connected to a PC and showing voltage, current and power waveforms.

Four channels aren't enough! With eight channels you can:

  • Make accurate 3-phase power system measurements (3 voltage, 3 current, neutral and one channel to spare!) 20 MHz bandwidth and 12-bit vertical resolution are ideal for 50/60 Hz power system monitoring and harmonics analysis.
  • Debug multiple low-speed serial buses such as UART, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, CAN and LIN plus control and driver signals. With 256 MS deep buffer memory and PicoScope 6 software you can capture and decode many packets to correlate data errors with signal integrity problems in a device under test.
  • Make a vibration monitoring and analysis system. Just add an accelerometer to turn the PIcoScope 4824 into a multi-axis system for detecting problems in rotating machinery, drives and controls.

From just £1,595.00


PicoScope release 6.11.12

  • New and updated serial decoding - support for 16 protocols included as standard
  • Faster USB streaming on USB 3.0 devices 
  • Math functions for graphing frequency and duty cycle measurements
  • Lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop filter math functions
  • Touch zoom and pan and improved zoom control with mouse
  • Logarithmic frequency axis option in spectrum mode
  • Faster waveform update rates
  • Restore Last Session on Start-up
  • Bug fixes, stability improvements and numerous minor improvements
  • Plus updates to PicoScope for Linux & Mac OS X

More details about this and other recent releases can be found below or by watching this short video summary.  

New and updated serial protocol decoding

Support for 16 protocols included as standard. New protocols in this release:

  • SENT (fast & slow)
  • 10Base-T and 100Base-TX Ethernet
  • DMX512 (theater lighting)
  • DCC (model railways)