8-channel high resolution oscilloscope

Analyze 3-phase power systems, vibration, multiple serial buses, and more

PicoScope 4824 connected to a PC and showing voltage, current and power waveforms.

Four channels aren't enough! With eight channels you can:

  • Make accurate 3-phase power system measurements (3 voltage, 3 current, neutral and one channel to spare!) 20 MHz bandwidth and 12-bit vertical resolution are ideal for 50/60 Hz power system monitoring and harmonics analysis.
  • Debug multiple low-speed serial buses such as UART, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, CAN and LIN plus control and driver signals. With 256 MS deep buffer memory and PicoScope 6 software you can capture and decode many packets to correlate data errors with signal integrity problems in a device under test.
  • Make a vibration monitoring and analysis system. Just add an accelerometer to turn the PicoScope 4824 into a multi-axis system for detecting problems in rotating machinery, drives and controls.

From just £1,735.00