Ultimate precision temperature data logger

Temperature measurement with 0.015 °C accuracy

PT-104 offers precision temperature measurements on 4-channels.

The PT-104 is a high-precision temperature measurement data logger. It uses PT100 and PT1000 platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) and an innovative design to deliver 0.001 °C resolution and 0.015 °C accuracy measurements from –200 °C to +800 °C.

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PicoLog 6.1.8 for Windows, Linux and macOS:

  • Add support for the TC-08 terminal board
  • Add "Select all" boxes in Configure Data Table dialog
  • Add support for PicoScope 4224, 4424, 4224-IEPE and 4262 oscilloscopes
  • AC current clamps only allow AC coupling in the channel options

Add support for the TC-08 terminal board

We've added support for the TC-08 single channel terminal board when using a TC-08 data logger. Now the Input type in the channels configuration dialog contains three predefined voltage ranges of ±5 V, ±500 mV and ±50 mV and 4-20 mA current loop. Once the input type has been selected, it is now possible to add scaling, for example for a pressure sensor.

Add Select all boxes in Configure Data Table dialog

When configuring the table view, it is now possible to add all channels at once, simply by clicking the column header button.

Add support for PicoScope 4224, 4424, 4224-IEPE and 4262 oscilloscopes

As each update is released, we add support for more current PicoScope oscilloscopes. This release sees the slightly older but still current PicoScope 4000 series; namely PicoScopes 4224, 4424, 4224-IEPE and 4262. The PicoScope 4226 and 4227 are NOT supported.

As with the other PicoScopes, PicoLog 6 software does not allow the use of more advanced oscilloscope features such as triggering, memory management, signal generators, and also the sample rate is limited to 1 kS/s. For these functions, you must use PicoScope 6 software.

Again, as with all Pico devices in PicoLog 6, you can use up to 20 devices simultaneously, mixing and matching scopes with loggers if you require it. 

AC current probes only allow AC coupling in the channel options

A minor tweak really, we've hard coded AC only current probes to be AC coupled automatically, saving you the hassle.

Historical release notes are detailed in this article.