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LabVIEW: power factor example details

All the functions are contained in VoltsAmpsVectors.vi, which is part of a new PicoScope.llb file.

This example requires LabVIEW 8.6 32-bit or above, and uses an updated version of the PicoScope2000aExampleBlock from the SDK.

This example can be easily changed to work with 64-bit versions of LabVIEW: see the Using Pico Technology Products with NI LabVIEW FAQs and Tips forum post (point 9).

To run the example you first need to download and install an SDK package.

Using the PicoScope.llb file you could easily add these measurements to any of our existing block examples to use other models of PicoScopes.

Here is the block diagram for the power factor example using block mode capture with the ps2000a driver:

LabVIEW - power factor example block diagram

LabVIEW - power factor example block diagram

Please note this example is not compatible with the PicoScope2000a.llb file in the current SDK.