PicoScope 5000 Series

FlexRes® Oscilloscopes

PicoScope 5444D PC oscilloscope connected via USB cable to a silver laptop running PicoScope 6 software

High speed and high resolution. Breakthrough ADC technology switches from 8 to 16 bits in the same oscilloscope.

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Frequency Response Analysis Tool

One of our Forum Members, Aaron Hexamer, has created a Frequency Response Analysis Tool.

Frequency Response Analyzer

This application provides Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) capabilities for PicoScope devices. The FRA uses a common technique of frequency sweeping (in this case stepping), and DFT extraction. The main output is a Bode plot of gain in dB and phase in degrees.

FRA has several use cases, some of which may be limited by the capabilities of the scope. Some examples include:

  • Filter characterization
  • Feedback loop analysis, to characterize control system stability and responsiveness
  • A subset of feedback loop analysis includes power supply stability analysis
  • General impedance measurements

A full discussion of the project can be found on our forum