Picture of the AS-iExpert Network Diagnostic tool overlayed on a screenshot of the decoder software.

AS-iExpert - Network Diagnosis Tool

The AS-Interface network diagnosis tool AE001, the ‘AS-iExpert’, measures the quality of transmission of AS-Interface networks and determines whether these work error-free. It can be used either in the field at the network installation or in the development laboratory.

The ‘AS-iExpert’ supports two modes of operation: For the capture of communication parameters and for a general quality measurement in the field the ‘automatic mode’ is used. For the ‘automatic mode’ no special knowledge of AS-Interface is required. In case errors or warnings are reported, they should be resolved using the advice given by the program in text output.

The second mode, the ‘expert mode’, is intended for the detailed analysis of problems that may have been detected in the AS-Interface network. In this mode the following functions are available:

  • overview of the signal quality of all senders in the network
  • detailled analysis of the signal quality with the help of eye diagrams
  • overview of the telegram error rate
  • detailled telegram error rates of master requests and slave answers
  • oscilloscope shots with content-based triggering
  • network configuration
  • communication protocol

This mode requires special knowledge of AS-Interface and the applied principles of communication. It allows an in-depth analysis of the communcation on the network.

Pico has no affiliation with the following link, but more information can be found at: https://www.indu-sol.com/produkte/as-interface/diagnose/