list of serial decoders in PicoScope, with USB highlighted

USB Serial Bus Decoding

USB (Universal Serial Bus), launched in 1996, is now widely used in today’s personal computers and tablets for communication and power to printers, keyboard, mice, memory devices and many other peripherals. It is also used for chip-to-chip and module-to-module communication in many other types of electronic devices and embedded systems.

The USB specification has evolved several times to add new formats with increasing data rates. PicoScope 6 can decode the following formats:

  • USB LS (Low Speed) data rate: 1.5 Mbit/s
  • USB FS (Full Speed) data rate: 12 Mbit/s

USB configurations have a single host (Master) controller that controls all bus traffic with up to 127 devices. Optional hubs can be used to expand the bus.

USB settings panel in PicoScope

USB waveform decoded - In Graph and In Table views