Power, portability and performance

PicoScope 3000 Series PC Oscilloscopes & Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

PicoScope 3000D Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope with 4 analog and 16 digital input channels.

PicoScope 3000 Series USB-powered PC oscilloscopes are small, light, and portable and can easily slip into a laptop bag while offering a range of high-performance specifications.

These oscilloscopes offer 2 or 4 analog channels and a built-in function / arbitrary waveform generator. MSO models add 16 digital channels. Key performance specifications:

  • 200 MHz analog bandwidth
  • 1 GS/s real-time sampling
  • 512 MS buffer memory
  • 100,000 waveforms per second
  • 16 channel logic analyzer (MSO models)
  • Arbitrary waveform generator
  • USB 3.0 connected and powered

From just £349.00


Usage statistics

PicoScope lets you share optional usage statistics with Pico to help us improve our software. Usage statistics help us prioritize features and device support. These usage statistics are anonymized and do not contain any personally identifiable information. Usage statistics include the following:

  • How often different features are used and which preferences are changed.
  • How often different buttons and menu items are clicked.
  • How long the PicoScope application remains open.

How to disable ‘Send usage statistics’

If you prefer that PicoScope does not send usage statistics, follow these steps to disable this feature:

  • Select Tools > Preferences
  • In the resulting window, click the Updates tab.
  • Uncheck the Help improve PicoScope by submitting anonymous usage statistics checkbox.
  • Click OK.

If you do not see a Help improve PicoScope by submitting anonymous usage statistics checkbox, the version of PicoScope that you have installed does not collect usage statistics.