PicoScope SDK for Mac OS X

We provide the necessary files for developing custom applications for Pico Technology products on Mac OS X platforms via the PicoScope 6 application package.

Picoscope package contents

PicoScope 6 application in Finder

To access the contents of the PicoScope 6 application, open Finder then click Applications in the left-hand pane and locate the PicoScope 6 application. Next, right-click on the application as shown here and select Show Package Contents.

PicoScope 6 Resources folder

PicoScope 6 Resources folder

Next, click Contents > Resources and this will show the following:

From this folder you can then access the following:

PicoScope 6 include folder

PicoScope 6 include folder

Header files via the include folder

The header files for a dynamic library (driver) can be found in the folder beginning with the library name e.g. libps3000a for PicoScope 3000 Series devices using the ps3000a API functions. Note that the header files for the wrapper libraries are now included as of PicoScope 6.11.8.

PicoScope library folder

PicoScope 6 lib folder

Dynamic Library (driver) files via the lib folder

Note that there are symbolic links for the dynamic library files e.g. libps3000a.dylib for the PicoScope 3000 Series devices using the ps3000a API functions, which should be referenced from your application as these will point to the correct dynamic library files. Also, wrapper library files are now included for applications such as MATLAB that do not support C-style callback functions.

PicoScope 6 share/doc folder

PicoScope 6 share/doc folder

Example C console source files via the share/doc folder

The screen shot shows the files provided for a C console application which demonstrates how to call some of the functions of the libps3000a dynamic library.

Please note that drivers are also available for data logger products. Although not in the current 6.11.8 version, they should be available in the next release.