Mixed-signal oscilloscope

A mixed-signal oscilloscope (or MSO) has two or four analog channels and a larger number of digital channels (typically sixteen). It provides the ability to accurately time-correlate analog and digital channels, thus offering a distinct advantage over a separate oscilloscope and logic analyzer. Digital channels may be grouped and displayed as a bus with each bus value displayed at the bottom of the display in hex, binary, decimal, or level for DAC testing.

Advanced triggers can be set across both the analog and digital channels.

mos display

PicoScope MSO display

Serial bus decoding and analysis can help to rapidly pinpoint the cause of data transmission errors.

Many electronic designs employ serial protocols such as I2C and SPI to simplify communication between system blocks. Serial bus protocols can reduce wiring complexity on a printed circuit board (PCB), but debugging their implementation is difficult with traditional oscilloscopes. Engineers can decode the acquired serial data by hand, or export the data for post-processing and decoding.

PicoScope solves the problem with automated decoding of popular serial protocols saving hours of debugging time.

Mixed signal triggering

MSO Pattern Trigger