Auto-arrange axes

If you have lots of input channels, reference channels, and math channels enabled, it can take time to move them around and scale them so that they are all clearly visible. By right-clicking on a view and selecting Auto-Arrange Axes, all the traces are automatically shifted and scaled so that none of them overlap.

PicoScope auto-arrange axes feature

After applying Auto-Arrange Axes, PicoScope displays all four waveforms at 30% vertical scale, shifted so they don't overlap.

The display is much clearer, and it's far easier to compare the signals, although the high frequency of the signal on channel D makes it hard to see.

But that doesn't mean there is a reduction of resolution.

To see more detail, simply zoom in using the controls in the Zooming and Scrolling toolbar at the top of the window. In this example, the horizontal zoom is set to x126, allowing us to see the shape of the waveform clearly.