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October 2008

TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger in the News

If you’re an FPGA designer, you might be interested in DesignTag, a new idea for protecting your IP. Developed by UK company Algotronix, it uses a Pico Technology TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger.

What could possibly be the connection between IP protection and a thermocouple data logger?

Read this technical paper about DesignTag on the “Design Re-Use” site to find out.

New Technical Note: Channel Scaling with PicoScope 6

With four-channel scopes, you need to keep your traces organised to avoid confusion. Our latest technical note explains how to use channel scaling and offset to arrange multiple traces on the display, and to avoid a mistake made by many oscilloscope users that can cause you to lose measurement resolution. Read on and keep your PicoScope 6 skills up to date.

Read “Channel Scaling with PicoScope 6” (982 kB PDF)

Get Even More for Your Money with the PT-104

The PT-104 is a four-channel temperature converter for platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) that provides 0.01 °C accuracy, 0.001 °C resolution and a -200 °C to +800 °C temperature range. We are now supplying the PT-104 with a free USB-to-serial converter (MI069, list price £25) so that you can use it with any PC that has either an RS-232 or a USB port.

The PT-104 is supplied with our PicoLog data logging software, which is regularly updated. You can always download the latest version, free of charge, from our website.

Find out more about the PT-104 Platinum Resistance Data Logger

New Range of Oscilloscope Probes

As our range of oscilloscopes keeps growing, so does our selection of scope probes. We now have a 500 MHz passive probe for high-bandwidth scopes, and a number of active differential probes.

New differential probes

The differential probes are ideal for working with signals that are not referenced to ground, as in switch mode power supplies and AC machinery, or where you need to detect small signals in the presence of common-mode noise, as in instrumentation and sensor circuits. All models are powered by 4 AA cells.

  • TA042 100 MHz 1400 V Cat III 100:1/1000:1 differential probe
  • TA043 100 MHz 700 V Cat III 10:1/100:1 differential probe
  • TA044 70 MHz 7 kV Cat I 100:1/1000:1 differential probe

New 500 MHz passive probe

This is a high-impedance probe for use on instruments with an input impedance of 1 megohm. It has adjustable compensation for a scope input capacitance of 10 pF to 35 pF, and a further high-frequency compensation adjustment.

TA049 500 MHz 1 megohm 10:1 passive probe

See full specifications for all our oscilloscope probes

Questions and Answers

Here is a selection of the questions that have cropped up recently on our support forum.

Q. I have a USB TC-08 Data Logger using Type K thermocouples. I only bought eight thermocouples, but right now I need to have more than eight measuring points. Can I use third-party Type K thermocouples on the TC-08? Would there be any measurement inaccuracy if I mix Type K thermocouples from Pico and from another supplier?

A. Type K is an industry standard. Provided the non-Pico thermocouples comply with Type K, they will work just as well as our own sensors. Alternatively, you can buy additional thermocouples in a variety of sizes and types from our Accessories website.

Q. I’m considering using an oscilloscope to hook up two identical voltage-output pressure transducers to each other and read their difference on channel A, and a third identical transducer to channel B. This means the outer BNC ring of channel A will be at a different voltage than the outer ring of Channel B. Will this work or are they connected inside, thus shorting the inputs to one another in this scheme?

A. The BNC grounds of most oscilloscopes, including the majority of the PicoScope range, are common. However, we have one model, the PicoScope 3425 Differential Oscilloscope, that is specially designed for differential voltage measurements. Please see our website for details.


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