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Guidelines for submitting educational experiments


Before starting writing up an experiment please email us at with brief details of the experiment you are planning. (This is to make sure we do not end up with five versions of the same experiment.)

Please also read through this guide to submitting experiments and also have a look at some of the existing experiments and experiment ideas. If you would like us to suggest a suitable experiment please let us know what subject area and age group you teach.

Once an experiment of suitable quality for use is submitted to us, it becomes the property of Pico Technology Limited. We reserve the right to edit the content of any experiment submitted.

Format for submitted experiments

Please try to keep to the following format for writing up experiments.


For example, “Freezing and Melting of Water”


  • Brief description of the experiment
  • What the experiment is trying to teach
  • Any prior knowledge / understanding required
  • Target age groups — please include actual age groups (eg 9 to 11 year old’s). It’s OK to also include ‘Key stage 2’ or ‘Year 5’ but bear in mind these mean different things in different countries.

Equipment required

  • Data logging equipment required
  • Other equipment (eg two beakers of water, some salt and a freezer)
  • Any safety issues or warnings

Experiment setup

  • A description of how the experiment should be setup
  • A diagram or photograph of the setup
  • If the setup of the software for the experiment is fairly simple, then it should be included here (this is after all part of the learning experience). If the setup of the software is complicated and would distract from the experiment itself, then we can create a settings file for PicoScope or PicoLog based on the results files you give to us. The student can then be instructed to simply load the settings file and start collecting data.

Carrying out the experiment

Instructions on how to carry out the experiment. Some indication of what to expect here would be useful if it can be done without revealing the results. For example in an experiment to measure the pH of fizzy drinks explain that neutral is pH seven and that some drinks are far from neutral. This will give the student confidence in what they are doing and will help them realise if the experiment is not working.

Questions and discussion of results

This section should contain questions about the results and what the results show.

The appeal and usefulness of the experiment can be greatly enhanced by having different sets of questions aimed at different age groups. For example in an experiment to compare the freezing of pure and salt water the questions for younger children might include which beaker of water froze first and which beaker melted first. For older children the concept of latent heat could be introduced.

Further study

This could include further analysis and discussion of the results, for example in the above experiment questions could be asked about the effectiveness of putting salt on icy roads.

Suggestions could also be made for further experiments, for example how does the concentration of salt water affect the results or what results would you expect if the liquids were boiled rather than frozen. The emphasis here is on ideas for further study - results and graphs are not required.

Results and answers

Please make sure that all questions you have set the student are answered here. We can’t all be experts in all subjects!

Results graphs can be included here, but please remember to also submit the PicoScope or PicoLog data files.

Teachers’ notes

Please include:

  • Any safety issues
  • How long the experiment will take to setup
  • How long the experiment will take to perform
  • Any hints, tips or pitfalls with the experiment

Submitted by

Your claim to fame. Feel free to include email contact details (for comments / suggestions for improvements) or a website (if you have published the experiment on the net).

Submitting experiments — file formats

If possible experiments should be submitted by email ( If this is not possible, please post them to Pico Technology.

Text — Microsoft Word or PDF files preferred. Plain ASCII text by email is also acceptable.

Graphics — most formats can be accepted. For diagrams and drawings GIF/PNG files are preferred. For photographs JPG (JPEG) files are preferred.

Data files — when performing an experiment, please send us the raw data files (.PLW files for PicoLog or .PSW files for PicoScope).


  • The kit (2408B) is of obvious quality, easy to setup and calibrate and the free to download software has a reasonable learning curve. Superb kit, superb support, what more can I say.

    Rop Honnor
  • I have been using my 4224 PicoScope for years. I travel abroad so this has been ideal due to its physical size. Storage of waveforms on my Laptop is very easy allowing me to quickly email waveforms to my Colleagues.

  • Not many USB scopes works on Win & Mac & Linux too, so that proves me that guys from Pico really cares about us, customers. This made my decision much easier when I was looking to buy an USB scope.

    Raul Trifan
  • We have been using Picoscope 6404D for quite some time, and are amazed by its accuracy and powerful emulations while working with numerous signal evaluations.

    J Mohanty
  • PicoLog TC-08: This is a very nice unit that works consistently and reliably.

    Jeff Hulett
  • It is a great scope. I had a weird problem - it did not work on one of my PC’s. Customer service gave me first class service. If I could give 6 stars for customer service - I would do so.

    Niels Larsen
  • Perfect Partner for Development of Encoder controlled Stepper Motor Actuators. Since the included software is really stable, this type of device is a great tool for great tasks!

    Helmut Schoettner
  • A superb piece of equipment worth its weight in gold

    Nigel Clinch
  • So simple to use & beats any other I have ever used hands down.

    John D Samsing
  • Rather than webcam our benchtop scope screen, it was suggested we use a PicoScope to share waveforms via screen share.

    We were a bit hesitant at first … but it worked flawlessly, and everybody is now out shopping for PicoScopes!

    T Lövskog • SVP of Innovation at Additude AB
  • Great functionality in a compact size. I really like moving the mouse pointer to a position and having the Time and Voltage display the values at that point. Calibration equipment is a breeze with that feature.

    Don Horein

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