Stream live Cloud capture data to your application with an API

Transferring capture data from a data logger software application to a 3rd party application while the capture is running has been one of the longest outstanding customer feature requests, and had been very difficult to implement up until this point. Now that PicoLog Cloud data resides on a server, we've developed a simple server-side API that allows programmers to request the live data in batches which is returned in a human and database readable ASCII format.

This feature is particularly useful to users who want to add extra functionality such as emailing alarms or captures, adding logger data to existing databases, displaying data in a different way such as fill tanks, percentage bars, throttle guage, large numerical displays and much more!

Once the Cloud capture is setup and acquiring data, public sharing for that capture must be enabled, and this will generate a unique unsearchable URL containin a unique GUID for that capture on the server. The API contains just 2 calls:

  1. Basic setup, channel IDs, last recorded value and channel names.
  2. Request a block of capture data with start and end time parameters for the specified channel(s)

The API is server-side and sends raw data to your custom application or database, so no special software needs to be installed. Almost all relevant programming languages can call the API URL, and simple code examples are available.

Although PicoLog Cloud is limited to 30 day captures in Cloud capture mode before it overwrites the oldest data, you can use this API to transfer and backup your data to a local or online database of your own.