Historical PicoLog 6 release notes:

PicoLog 6.1.7 is released with the following new features, updates and bug fixes:

  • Added independent X and Y axis autoscale control
  • Allows PicoScope 6 or other app to open PicoScope oscilloscopes if they are not being used by PicoLog 6
  • Added support for PicoScope 3000A/B/D oscilloscopes
  • Added support for PicoScope 5000A/B/D oscilloscopes
  • Table configuration is now accessible without capturing data
  • CSV export now supports minimum sampling time 1 ms
  • Cursor changes to a vertical pan cursor when hovering over Y axis
  • It is now possible to delete a channel from the channel edit dialog

The following bugs were fixed:

  • PicoLog 6 in Debian Jessie no longer has space below title bar
  • Tidied up export to PDF - text no longer clips over page border
  • Fixed an issue which duplicated samples when exporting to .CSV with TC-08 data
  • Annotations can now be moved in saved files
  • Fixed an issue with overrange flag at zero volts using PicoLog 1000 
  • Fixed an issue with "false alarms" when no channel data present


PicoLog 6.1.6 now includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Added Russian language support
  • Added support for all current PicoScope 2000 oscilloscopes
  • Added support for legacy PicoScopes 2206A, 2207A and 2208A oscilloscopes 
  • Added support for PicoScope 4824 oscilloscope
  • Ability to copy and move configuration between devices
  • Deleted files now move to the recycle bin/trash rather than deleting permanently
  • We've added an option to display files in list view
  • Added built-in scaling for oscilloscope accessories
  • Annotation display options are now available from the graph
  • Updated PicoLog 6 help
  • Updated channel over range behaviour, and added warning indicators to the graph, table and live reading views

The following bugs were also fixed in PicoLog 6.1.6

  • Broken CSV export
  • Channels with no units should not display empty brackets in table + CSV output
  • Make some clickable areas more obvious
  • Equation dialog should not resize when content changes
  • No data displayed with higher output sample rates
  • The % character is now allowed when naming files


The following bugs were fixed in PicoLog 6.1.5:

  • A couple of issues reported by customers or automatic error reporting


PicoLog 6.1.4 for Windows, macOS and Linux adds the following new features:

  • Added a new feature to view live numerical data in table format
  • Enhanced navigation menu
  • Greatly improved performance of saving and loading very large files
  • Allow comma decimal separator in CSV output
  • Double clicking an annotation in the graph opens its annotation edit dialog
  • Data can now be exported to a file while data capture is running
  • It is now possible to view device configuration for saved files

The following bugs were also fixed in PicoLog 6.1.4:

  • DrDAQ and PicoLog 1000 channels swap if streaming buffer overflows
  • Digital data error on ADC-24
  • Fixed a bug where data continues to be written to file after canceling CSV export
  • Fixed a bug where data export to CSV took too long
  • PT-104 and PicoLog CM3 Ethernet enumeration from both drivers was blocked
  • PicoLog CM3 over Ethernet was not disconnecting
  • When viewing graph, alarm triggers were split into multiple 1 second triggers
  • Annotations are now sorted chronologically rather than order they were added
  • In the file browser, simplified config file load/save
  • Sample interval consists of conversion time of 10 ms per channel instead of total conversion time plus 10 ms
  • Copy to clipboard can fail on Linux
  • High RAM usage when capturing data for long periods of time
  • ADC-24 gaps in data with high sample rate


PicoLog 6.1.3 for Windows, macOS and Linux adds the following major new features and enhancements:

  • Added user interface language translations for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and simplified Chinese
  • Added support for Ethernet connected loggers (Windows version only)
  • Added a feature to allow sorting of devices in device menu using drag and drop
  • Updated Windows EV signed kernel drivers
  • Fixed an issue with CSV exporting where only partial data was exported
  • Fixed an issue with PDF export to include channel configuration
  • Fixed an issue with CSV export where data has no units
  • Fixed multiple issues with alarm "run application" dialog


PicoLog 6.1.2 for Windows, macOS and Linux adds the following major new features and enhancements:

  • Add privacy statement url to Updates and Privacy section
  • Simplify the Delete data and Delete configuration workflow
  • PDF text can be split across multiple pages
  • Added a button to browse to open any file
  • Fixed an issue which caused gaps in capture data with TC-08
  • Fixed an issue with some computers which caused reduced performance of file saving and loading 
  • Fixed an issue with ADC-20/24 which caused it to be less responsive to changes in voltage
  • Fixed an issue with DrDAQ where it stops capturing if an external channel is added or edited after the capture has started
  • Fixed an issue with DrDAQ scaling for external channels when no sensor connected


PicoLog 6.1.1 for Windows, macOS and Linux adds the following major new features and enhancements:

  • Upgraded from Beta to Stable release
  • Added online user help
  • Browse button added to file save menu


PicoLog 6.0.14 Beta for Windows, macOS and Linux adds the following major new features and enhancements:

  • Added full support for DrDAQ, PicoLog 1000, ADC-20/24 devices
  • Added digital inputs and outputs functionality for supported devices
  • Improved interface for math channels, scaling and alarms
  • Improved user interface for zooming and autoscale