Tech Tips: invisible integrals; data logging to Excel

PicoScope 6 math channelQ. I am using PicoScope 6 to generate a sine wave and then integrate it, but the result is just zero. What could be wrong?

A. This can be caused by incorrect scaling of the vertical axis. When you integrate a signal, the amplitude of the result is proportional to the collection time. If the collection time is measured in microseconds, for example, the amplitude of the integral will be of the order of microvolt-seconds. To correct this, you can change the Range settings in the Math Channel Wizard to, for example, –1E–6 to 1E–6.

ADC-20 Data LoggerQ. How can I transfer my ADC-20 data to Microsoft Excel?

A. Once you have completed your data logging, click File > Save as in the PicoLog Recorder software and change the Save as type: to 'Comma separated value files (*.csv)'. You can then import the CSV files into Microsoft Excel.