Tech Tip: Zero Offset function in PicoScope 6


Ever wished you could null out the voltage offset on your scope or an attached probe? PicoScope 6 now includes this function as part of its Channel Options menu. Click the channel name (such as A) on the toolbar to see this menu, which has a Zero Offset section. After you click Zero you will be asked to remove any probe from the input channel and short-circuit the input to eliminate stray voltages. PicoScope will then perform the adjustment automatically.

Zero Offset is available on all PicoScope oscilloscopes and is handled digitally. A related feature called DC Offset, which operates on the analog signal, is available on PicoScopes with the necessary hardware. It allows you to apply an arbitrary offset voltage to avoid saturating the input. See your PicoScope 6 User's Guide for a list of devices that include this feature. [2015-12]