New PicoScope beta releases


PicoScope Beta 6.12.2 for Windows

PicoScope Beta 6.12.2, the latest release of the PicoScope 6 oscilloscope software, includes:

Download PicoScope R6.12.2 Beta (free of charge)

PicoScope Beta for OS X

This new release of the PicoScope software for Apple Mac computers now supports the recently released PicoScope 2000A and 2000B oscilloscopes. Note that PicoScope for OS X contains most but not all of the features (detailed list published in March 2015 newsletter) of PicoScope for Windows. Please download the software to check that it is suitable for your application.

Download PicoScope R6.11.13.2 Beta for OS X (free of charge) [2016-05]