PicoScope 2021 Webinars | Pico Technology
We are delighted to be running a series of online webinars focusing on the use of Pico’s Test and Measurement products in a range of different applications. We will be holding a webinar approximately once a month and a list of topics and dates for the first quarter of the year is below. All webinars will be hosted by the T&M team at Pico and some will feature external guests; either users of our equipment or partners at companies with complementary products.
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There will not be a Pico T&M webinar in April 2021 as we will be presenting a range of New Product Introductions (NPIs) to our global distribution channels, details of which we look forward to sharing with our customers as soon as possible. A schedule for future webinars will be made available shortly.

Previous Webinars

Watch previously recorded webinars from our library here

26th January 2021
15:00 GMT
(16:00 CET/09:00 CT)
From CAN to BroadR-Reach – debugging automotive networks with PicoScope.
Presented by Trevor Smith (Business Development Manager) with Stuart Murlis (Applications Engineer) and Patrycja Szelag (Software Development Engineer)
24th February 2021
15:00 GMT
(16:00 CET/09:00 CT)
Oscilloscopes in Education – How PicoScope meets the challenges of remote teaching and distance learning.
Presented by Mike Purday (Distribution Sales Manager), together with Carl Bradbury and Stuart Murlis from our EMEA T&M team. This webinar will look at the challenges universities and colleges face in adapting to remote teaching and distance learning and why PicoScope is the ideal solution. The webinar will include an interview with a leading UK university talking about their experience of adopting PicoScope as their solution of choice for distance learning engineering students.
24th March 2021
15:00 GMT
(16:00 CET/09:00 CT)
The devil is in the detail - looking beyond oscilloscope banner specifications.
Presented by Trevor Smith (Business Development Manager - T&M).
Debugging modern electronic system designs is challenging for engineers who aren’t equipped with the latest tools. This webinar will look at the capabilities of the latest PicoScope PC-based oscilloscopes that help to quickly expose difficult-to-find circuit anomalies. Identification of glitches, timing errors, and signal-to-noise problems is vital to ensure correct and reliable operation of a system design.