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Data logging success in 3 simple steps


Plug your TC-08 temperature logger into any available USB port on a PC running Windows, Linux or macOS.


Set up your temperature measurements quickly with PicoLog 6: add multiple channels, alarms and much more.


The fast sampling rate of this temperature data logger allows it to collect up to 10 measurements every second.

Now expand...

Add to your thermocouple data logger set up by adding more channels, more loggers, and even PicoScope oscilloscopes...

Discover the simplicity of TC-08

Watch how easy it is to get your TC-08 started with PicoLog 6

Connect | Configure | Collect

When paired with the power and astounding flexibility of PicoLog 6, the TC-08 temperature logger can start recording reliable, accurate, detailed measurements in under 60 seconds.

Expand with the TC-08

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Expanding your data logger solution couldn't be easier

Flexibility and control

PicoLog 6 allows you to add any unconfigured channels at any time, even during live acquisition.

Need more than 8 channels?

You can plug up to 20 TC-08s into a powered USB hub network for a total of 160 channels!

Measure more

The TC-08 terminal board allows other sensors with voltage or current outputs to be connected. No soldering required.

TC-08 and PicLog 6 Software
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  • Christopher Lynn

    The TC-08 makes data logging simple from setup to post processing. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Mark Crisp

    What a fantastic piece of kit. Easy installation. Software is good. From unpacking the box I was doing my first test with 5 thermocouples within 30 minutes. I would recommend this product. The service from Pico Technology was second to none!

  • Lynn McManus

    Easy to use, reliable results. I’m very happy with the TC-08. It does exactly what I need and the accompanying software is easy to use.

  • Jason Stokes

    I bought this product as a backup for some handheld temperature monitors. After the first use, this quickly became the preferred method. The software is as reliable as all Picotech products, with simple setup and a great price.

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