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PicoScope® 6000E Series

The PicoScope 6000E Series fixed-resolution and FlexRes® oscilloscopes provide 8 to 12 bits of vertical resolution, up to 500 MHz bandwidth and 5 GS/s sampling rate.

Four or eight analog channels have the timing and amplitude resolution you need to reveal signal integrity issues such as glitches, runts, dropouts, noise, distortion and ringing. 16 digital MSO channels enable the debug and verification of complex ECUs and FPGA-based designs.

These new oscilloscopes are ideal for design engineers working on high-performance embedded systems, signal processing, power electronics, mechatronics and automotive designs, and for researchers and scientists working on multichannel high-performance experiments.

PicoScope 6000E Series 8 Channel Oscilloscope

4/8 analog + 16 digital channels (MSO)

Up to 4 GS

Up to 500 MHz bandwidth

8-bit and 8/10/12-bit FlexRes® architecture

Multi-channel probe
positioning system

21 serial protocol
decoders as standard

PicoScope 6000E Series applications

PicoScope 6000E in use on a workbench
Embedded system debug in
the laboratory
PicoScope 6000E being used with PicoScope 6
PicoScope 6 software with support for multiple monitors
Close up of a circuit board being probed
PicoScope 6000E used in power systems analysis
Engineer using the probe measure signals
Digital systems debug
and verification
Close up of the PicoScope 6000E 8 Channel Scope in use
OEM and custom
PicoScope 6000E in use with the probing station
Scientific research
and education

Take a closer look at the PicoScope 6000E Series

PicoScope 6 included

Time and frequency domain displays
Advanced triggering capabilities
50 MHz function generator and AWG
Serial data decoding and analysis: 21 protocols included as standard
Automated waveform measurements
Digital channels displayed individually or grouped as a bus
Mask limit testing
Properties panel shows instrument settings at a glance

What you get in the box

Image of the carry case included with PicoScope 6000E Series

Hard carry case, custom designed for the scope and accessories

Image of the PicoScope 6000E Series included in the box

PicoScope 6000E

Image of the Probes inclued with PicoScope 6000E Series

4x 500 MHz probes
with accessories

Image of the USB 3.0 cables included with PicoScope 6000E Series

USB 3.0 cable

Image of the mains adaptor included with PicoScope 6000E Series

Mains adaptor
(international power adaptors)

TA369 MSO Pod

PicoScope 6000E being used with PicoScope 6
The detachable active MSO pod is powered by the scope and connects to either of two digital interface ports on the front panel, with eight permanently attached flying leads terminating in MSO probes.
The MSO probes and accessories allow connection to headers with signal and ground pins, in any combination. All PicoScope 6000E Series models support MSO functionality.
PicoScope 6000E in use on a workbench

Probe Positioning System

The Pico oscilloscope probe positioning system holds your circuit board firmly during soldering, inspection and test.

For testing, the kits are supplied with probe holders which secure magnetically to the steel base plate.

When the probes are installed in the holders they can be positioned to make contact with points of interest on the circuit board and will remain in contact while you make measurements.

The large steel base plate is mirror finished allowing you to see any items such as status LEDs underneath the PCB.

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